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  To the Downfall of Evil
The Ukulady

Musical entertainer, The Ukulady campaigns for the Downfall of Evil by promoting creativity, intellectualism, friendship, and fearlessness.

The Ukulady's debut children's album, To the Downfall of Evil! includes 15 quirky songs about animals, robots & sandwiches and is accompanied by 15 hilarious cartoon illustrations by Goopymart.

To the Downfall of Evil! features ukulele, mandolin, clarinet, omnichord, sitar, banjo, slide guitar, standup bass, horns, whistling, tap dance, a variety of live guest performances and more.

"Better than Abba!" -- Calliope, age 7

"The love child of Cyndi Lauper & Pee Wee Herman" -- Grownup Fan

Official release is November 7th, 2012
Visit www.TheUkulady.com to learn more!





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